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SIP Abacus

We open up possibilities
for your little ones!

Why SIP Abacus?

  1. The only International programme with combination of Abacus & Brain Gym.
  2. Awarded the Best Coaching Institute in Skill Development for Children in India.
  3. Only Abacus organisation that gives a Guarantee of making your kids 5 times better.
  4. Opportunity to participate in Regional, National & International competition.
  5. Have trained more than 4,80,000 students with centers in 275 cities, across 22 states of India.
  6. An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and proudly holds 5 Limca Book of Records


3 International programmes available for age group covering 5 to 15 years. The SIP Abacus programme uses three tools to impact children - Abacus, Brain Gym and Speed Writing.

SIP Amal

for age group 5 to 7 years

SIP Junior

for standard 1 & 2

SIP Abacus

for standard 3 to 7

SIP Amal

Make your child a confident learner!

SIP Amal is an 8 month well researched programme with enhanced focus on skill development for children in UKG and early Class 1.

Quick learning and social skills are attributes of a successful individual.

These skills are based inculcated between the ages of 5 to 7 years as children are most receptive during this period.

SIP Amal improves:

1)    Communication
2)    Confidence
3)    Curiosity
4)    Good Memory
5)    Attention & more ...

Course Details

Duration - 8 months | 2 hrs 15 min per week

SIP Abacus Junior

Introducing SIP Abacus Junior

SIP Academy now has specially introduced the SIP Abacus Junior programme for children of class 1 & 2.
We have introduced the concept of multiplication tables using an unique methodology. The program focuses on providing a firm foundation to the basics of Abacus along with fun activities that challenges the brain. 

Program Highlights

1)    Strong Abacus foundation through Abacus based fun activities
2)    Brain Gym & Speed writing
3)    Multiplication Tables
4)    Brain Games & Activities
5)    Directly progress to SIP Abacus Foundation Level 2

Course Details

Duration - 10 months | 2 hrs 15 min per week

SIP Abacus

SIP Abacus & Brain Gym

It is a whole brain development programme combining Abacus, Brain Gym & Speed Writing developed by SIP Academy, Malaysia in 1997. This programme has considerably advanced the Abacus training worldwide. The knowledge of numbers from 0 - 9 is all that is required to start with. "The more I practice, the Smarter I get" is the mantra for this skill based programme.
Recommended for class 3 to 7.

Program Benifits

1)      Improve concentration, visual memory, retention and recall
2)     Develop love for numbers
3)     Improve Speed & Accuracy of arithmetic skills
4)     Enjoy learning and reduce stress

5)     Become more confident resulting in improved learning ability

Course Details

This programme has 11 levels of learning spread across 3 courses. 
1)     Foundation Level
2)     Advanced Level
3)     Grand Module Level

Duration - 12-16 weeks per level | 2 hrs 15 min per week

Batch size: 15 (maximum)

What is Brain Gym?

Brain Gym is a system that uses simple movements to stimulate brain function.

Brain Gym

Brain Gym uses quick, easy-to-do developmental movements to wake up the brain without stress or injury. Children naturally explore these movements as they grow and mature.

Brain Gym exercises designed by Dr. Paul Dennison enhance communication flow between functional centres of the brain and remove mental blocks, resulting in whole brain development.

Benefits of Abacus & Brain Gym

  • Improves concentration focus
  • Improves Visual Memory
  • Improves Listening skill
  • Improves Arithmetic skill
  • Improves speed & accuracy
  • Improves confidence

Presence of SIP Abacus Worldwide



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