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Prodigy Plus 2018

Countdown begins...
It's time for your kids to start practicing hard...

October 28, 2018
White Orchid Convention Center, Manyata Tech Park, Bengaluru

Block your Calendars

August 19, 2018

First round at Home Centre
Budding Genius, Kasavanahalli


Cluster round to be anounced. 

October 28, 2018

Prodigy Plus 2018 Final round to be held at White Orchid Convention Center, Manyata Tech Park, Bengaluru

All the best!!!

Level Information

Check your kid's participating level for Prodigy Plus 2018

NAME First RoundSecond RoundFinal Round
A Sanjay KrishnaBeginner-1Beginner-1Beginner-3
Aarna DassJunior-A2Junior-A2Junior-B
Aarya JitaniLevel-2Level-2Level-3
Abhinav MurthyLevel-2Level-2Level-3
Abhiram MaudgalyaLevel-2Level-2Level-3
Adithya AmrithJunior-A2Junior-A2Level-1
Advaith JayLevel-4Level-4Level-5
Ananya DevataLevel-3Level-3Level-4
Ananya NairLevel-1Level-1Level-2
Anirudh MishraLevel-1Level-1Level-2
Anjishnu MalLevel-7Level-7Level-8
Anwesha BalliJunior-A2Junior-A2Level-1
Arnav SabarishLevel-1Level-1Level-2
Atharv DassLevel-7Level-7Level-8
Atharv M NaronaJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Athish Anand KumarJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Avyukt GuptaLevel-3Level-3Level-4
Daksh SharmaLevel-2Level-2Level-3
Dakshita MehraJunior-A2Junior-A2Junior-B
Divit SharmaLevel-2Level-2Level-3
Gaura SolankiLevel-3Level-3Level-4
Gowrishankari M VJunior-A2Junior-A2Junior-B
Ishaan PalLevel-2Level-2Level-3
J Jaison GerardLevel-4Level-4Level-5
Jayasri MJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Johann Varghese RojiLevel-1Level-1Level-2
K N Deepa ShruthiLevel-4Level-4Level-5
Kanumarlapudi PradyunLevel-6Level-6Level-7
M AadhavanJunior-A2Junior-A2Junior-B
M EzhiloviyaLevel-4Level-4Level-5
Madhav ChandraJunior-A2Junior-A2Junior-B
Neetu R UpadhyeLevel-1Level-1Level-2
Nimitt KumarLevel-2Level-2Level-3
Nitin A TalinkiLevel-4Level-4Level-5
P Venkata Sai Sathvik ReddyBeginner-1Beginner-1Beginner-3
Prajwal ParidaJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Pratham PranJunior-A2Junior-A2Level-1
Prital PradeepJunior-A2Junior-A2Junior-B
Priyakshi KashyapJunior-A2Junior-A2Junior-B
Rishabh M KakadeJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Rithika NJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Rithika VijayBeginner-1Beginner-1Beginner-3
Sadhani SBeginner-2Beginner-2Level-1
Sandhyaa D PandiJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Sejal R UpadhyeLevel-3Level-3Level-4
Shashvanth MMJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Shavik Sai KumarBeginner-1Beginner-1Beginner-3
Shivmanyu RamanLevel-7Level-7Level-8
Shreyansh GuptaJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Shreyas S TeggiLevel-3Level-3Level-4
Shriya AJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Simran SenapatiJunior-A2Junior-A2Junior-B
Sreehitha RJunior-A2Junior-A2Junior-B
Sujay Kiran P.KLevel-4Level-4Level-5
Suruvu YashasreeJunior-A2Junior-A2Level-1
Sushruth Rao PLevel-3Level-3Level-4
Thaaruni SJunior-A1Junior-A1Junior-A2
Utkrisht AngadiLevel-1Level-1Level-2
Vaishnavi DasLevel-3Level-3Level-4
Varshith BondadaLevel-2Level-2Level-3
Yojit MazumdarLevel-2Level-2Level-3
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SIP Abacus

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International program for Abacus & Brain Gym to make your child a confident learner with enhanced focus on Skill development

SIP Amal

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Life skills programme designed to make children independent learners. The children acquire quick learning and social skills to be smarter


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